Private Lessons

“Make a close study of each exercise and do not attempt any other exercise until you first have mastered the current one and know its routine down to the last detail without any reference to the text.”

("Return to Life Through Contrology" by Joseph Pilates)


  • All lessons are 60 minutes duration. 
  • Prices in brackets apply to non-members.  Members receive additional discount by using a maximum of 2 credits towards the cost of a lesson (£10 per credit). 
  • Technique & Movement Review is only applicable to members who attend regular weekly group classes. 
  • Lessons take place in the studio when there are no other group activities taking place - refer to weekly group class timetable (can be downloaded from Group Classes page).
  • Further details including how to book & separate terms and conditions can be downloaded from this page.
  • Booking form can be downloaded from this page.
  • We can email all details upon request.


Mat or Reformer Lesson £40 (£45)

These lessons provide an introduction session for newcomers to learn the Pilates technique and the appropriate movement repertoire depending upon the discipline chosen, mat or reformer.  These lessons also aid progression for members already attending group classes.  No home practice or lesson feedback is provided after the lesson.


Technique & Movement Review £45 

This lesson is for members who attend regular weekly group classes and wish to improve their skills, identify issues (usually posture-related) that are hindering progress, or review home practice movements provided at previous lessons.  You will perform exercises at the session to identify the most appropriate exercises for home practice.  Home practice and lesson feedback is provided after the session. 


Posture Improvement £50 (£55)

This will include a formal posture assessment.  To aid the assessment, it is essential that you wear appropriate attire, tight-fitting clothing, preferably shorts, or leggings that can be rolled above knees, vest is better than ‘T’-shirt, hair tied up so that ears and neck are visible.  You will perform exercises at the session to identify the most appropriate exercises for home practice.  Home practice and lesson feedback is provided after the session. 


  • The home practice booklet you receive contains exercises that will address personal issues and help you to achieve your goals.  
  • Establishing regular attendance is essential if  siginificant progress is to be made especially for those who prefer private tuition instead of attending group classes.  
  • Establishing regular home practice is essential if  posture issues, muscular imbalance, or fitness levels are to be improved.  


How to Book

Contact us.  

Email is best.  Please provide a telephone contact number in case our email ends up in your Junk or Spam when we reply to you.

Phone 0121 354 9023

We aren't always in the office.  If there is no answer, please leave a message with your contact details and the best time to contact you.  It's always a good idea to provide your email address so that we can email information to you.  We will call you back as soon as we can.  


How to Pay

Direct to our bank account.

Bank Account Details

Sorting Code: 20 07 84

Account Name: Pilates Heaven Ltd

Account Number: 63065138

Reference: Your name (so that we can track your payment)



Lloyd House (1st floor), Gate Lane, Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield, B73 5TT

Car parking is available

Download further details from this page if you want to know more. 


Client Feedback

"Amazing value; good fun; informative and made a difference to my mat work group sessions straightaway.  Would fully recommend other people to have a technqiue review." 

"The private lesson was beneficial because we worked on specific exercises that were tailored to improve my technique and posture.  As you observed how I performed the exercises you were able to make adjustments, in some cases just small changes, but it made such a difference to how the exercise felt and my awareness of the movement.  Sometimes it just clicks and you know when you are performing the exercise correctly - it’s like a light-bulb moment and that’s the connection you get from a 1:1.   Also, the home practice booklets are excellent and so useful when doing the exercises at home.  The lesson was positive and motivational." 


"Many thanks for reminding me just what an amazing piece of kit the reformer is; it helps to understand how I could do my weekly mat exercises better." 

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the private lesson.  Thank you for all the information and advice for improving my posture detailed in the Home Practice Booklet.  I will endeavour to carry on practicing the exercises and have already found a vast improvement in my shoulder alignment and upper body strength.  I found all the information in the booklet so thorough and very much appreciate the time and effort you have put into its contents. "