Private Lessons

“Make a close study of each exercise and do not attempt any other exercise until you first have mastered the current one and know its routine down to the last detail without any reference to the text.”

("Return to Life Through Contrology" by Joseph Pilates)


We provide private lessons for non-members as well as members.

All lessons are 60 minutes duration.

Members may use credits towards the cost of a private lesson.  Members accrue credits using our online lesson credit facility.  They gain a credit each time they miss a group lesson.  Instead of booking replacement group lessons, they can opt to collect credits until they have sufficient to book a private lesson.


We provide the following lessons:-

  • Technique Review (members only)
  • Mat Lesson (members & non-members)
  • Reformer Lesson (members & non-members)

A non-member's 1st lesson will include a posture assessment to identify posture issues, an introduction to the Pilates’ technique, and an introduction to the reformer (if applicable).

We provide home practice booklets containing exercises that will address muscular imbalance, and improve posture and movement quality.  Those who establish regular home practice will progress quicker. 



Members: £35 per lesson, or £25 plus 3 (5) credits, or £15 plus 6 (9) credits.

(Figures in brackets apply to over 65s attending day time lessons)

Non-members: £40 per lesson


Non-members contact the studio to book lessons (subject to availability.  Members book themselves an appointment slot at the studio, subject to availabilty.

Terms & Conditions apply.  Further information including Terms & Conditions can be downloaded from this page.  Alternatively, contact us and we will send it to you.