Privacy Policy

Pilates Heaven is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of all those who use our website and our services in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

The data we collect is provided by you if you:

  • call/email us directly requesting information
  • register for introduction lessons
  • complete our studio membership and medical PARQ forms

These personal details will include your name, email, telephone number, emergency contact and relationship to you, date of birth and medical information.

We collect this information so that we can either;

  • respond to your enquiry
  • offer over 65-year discounts
  • ensure your safety at our classes
  • keep in contact with you about information relevant to Pilates Heaven classes and local events/offers that may be of interest.

For customers of Pilates Heaven who pay by credit/debit card, we do not store any payment details and only take payments over the telephone.

If you are a current member, we will also send you emails about Pilates Heaven that contain important information about classes and changes that you will need to know. We will also send you information and marketing about our services and local events/offers. Should you no longer wish to receive these marketing emails, you can reply to our email letting us know, and we will stop sending you this information.

We do not share your details with third parties.

Your data is stored on our Outlook email system and on our website (we register your details so that you have an account and can use our online booking system) and hard copies are stored in our office. All hard copies are stored as individual files in locked metal filing cabinets. To maintain privacy, when files are in use and not in cabinets, each file has a cover sheet to conceal personal details.

We will only hold personal data for as long as we need to:

  • If you enquire with us, we will keep your data to respond to you. It will remain on our outlook email system whilst we deal with your enquiry and will not be passed on to third parties. If you choose not to take your enquiry further we will not use your data in any way and we will remove any data we hold about you from our systems.
  • If you register for our introduction lessons, we will retain your data until you attend the lesson and decide whether to become a member. If you do not attend the introduction lesson or do not continue with Pilates Heaven, we will destroy your details.
  • If you are a member of Pilates Heaven, we will keep your details for the duration of your membership and your paper based records for 5 years after your membership ends.  Every September members check their membership forms and complete new forms if any information has changed and needs to be updated. PARQ medical forms are also checked and members confirm no changes to their personal health by means of re-signing the PARQ. If personal health information needs to be updated, members complete and sign a new PARQ medical form. Online data is updated accordingly.
  • Members complete and sign a new membership form each time they transfer classes.
  • A member’s details are registered on the booking system on the website and an account created so that members can manage their own lesson attendance. We do keep a record of their login and password to ensure that we can assist with any issues. For members who don’t have access to a computer or email address, we create a login and password for them so that either they or we can manage their attendance.
  • Once a member leaves Pilates Heaven, we delete their details from our computer system.  We will retain any paper records relating to studio membership for 5 years post membership for legal and insurance purposes as well as for our accounting requirements.  If you wish to return to Pilates Heaven, you will need to re-register.

For suppliers and industry partners, we store contact and bank account details. We use the information to make payments.

We take a proactive approach to user privacy and ensure the necessary steps are taken to protect the privacy of its users throughout their visiting experience. Our website complies with all UK national laws and requirements for user privacy and uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. For further details; please visit

We take actions to minimise security breaches, for example, using complicated passwords, anti-virus software, regular daily backups and being vigilant when opening links/files from unknown sources. We also use a cross shredder to destroy documents.

While we do take all applicable technical and organisational measures to safeguard your data and only use secure servers, it is impossible for us to secure the whole internet entirely. As a user, it is your responsibility to acknowledge this and to understand that the personal details you give to us by your own choice across the internet are transferred at your own risk.

You may request a copy of the personal data we hold for you free of charge, and ask for your information to be amended or removed. To do so, please write to the business address at the bottom of this policy. We will respond to your request within 30 days providing you provide us with proof of identity. (Any amendment requests will be dealt with immediately.)

We will update this policy in response to legal, technical or business developments. This policy was last updated in May 2018.

If you have any questions regarding your data and how it is handled, please email

Pilates Heaven Ltd
38 Eastern Road
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B73 5NU