Group Lessons

“… when all your muscles are properly developed you will, as a matter of course, perform your work with minimum effort and maximum pleasure.”

("Return to Life Through Contrology" by Joseph Pilates)

  • We have 10 reformers limiting lesson sizes to 10.  Our reformers convert to beds raised from the ground for mat work lessons.  We provide all equipment.  We provide 21 regular weekly lessons (60 minutes duration).  To guarantee lesson places, members are assigned to a specific lesson day/time.  Most members attend one lesson each week but members may request to attend more lessons if they wish (maximum of 2 weekly lessons).  Members may request to transfer lessons.


  • To benefit the varied individual fitness levels, we offer mixed levels of intensity.  As members progress, they may be encouraged to transfer to another lesson level that is more appropriate for their individual needs.  Newcomers usually attend level 1/2 initially and will be advised at the reformer introduction lesson if a higher level lesson is more suitable.  We provide one mat rehabilitation lesson for those whose posture issues or health conditions preclude them from using the reformer.  Download the lesson time table from this page or you can contact us and we will send you a copy.


  • Pilates' exercise is a technique and there are many skills to learn and perfect as well as many exercise movements to learn.  To accommodate the varied learning styles of individuals, the pace of a lesson may vary.  The pace of a lesson will be slower if explanation of the technique or demonstration of a movement is required.  The pace of a lesson invariably speeds up once knowledge of the movements, skill levels, and awareness improve.


  • To guarantee lesson places, members are assigned to a specific lesson day/time.  Most members attend one lesson each week but members may request to attend more lessons if they wish (maximum of 2 weekly lessons).  Members may request to transfer lessons.

Studio Fees

Initial Joining Fee £20

Re-joining Fee     £15

Reformer Introduction £15

Monthly Lesson Fees

One Lesson Per Week                                      Over 65s who attend day time only
Mat/Reformer Combo            £32.50 per month            £25 per month
Rehabilitation                        £25 per month                £20 per month

2 Lessons Per Week                                    
Both Mat/Reformer Combo    £60 (irrespective of age)                           


 Payment methods            

  • Payment direct into our bank account                         
  • Cash                                                                         

Cheques are not accepted


Bank Payment Details 

Sorting Code: 20 07 84

Account Number: 63065138

Account Name: Pilates Heaven Ltd

Reference: Your name (for tracking)

Other Helpful Information


Our studio is situated on the 1st floor of Lloyd House in Gate Lane, Boldmere (above Sunlight Windows). We have a separate main entrance facing directly onto Gate Lane. After entering the main entrance, there are 2 short flights of stairs up to the studio entrance on the first floor. The door at the top of the stairs may be locked when a lesson is taking place. Gate Lane is a business area but there are some residential homes directly opposite the studio. The road is extremely quiet in the evening and we ask those who attend evening lessons to consider local residents when arriving and leaving, and to avoid chatting outside the main entrance, especially towards the latter end of the evening.

There is limited car parking available at the studio.  There are 2 pay and display car parks at nearby public houses (The Harvester at the bottom of Gate Lane and The Sutton Park on the corner of Jockey Road and Boldmere Road). There is free parking in Gate Lane and in the side roads off the main Boldmere Road.

We cannot provide safe storage of bicycles inside the building or in the vicinity of the studio.

Lockers are available at the studio (no money required).  Ladies and gents toilets available.  Drinking water is available from the water dispenser.  You must use the paper cups provided and not fill your own water bottle for health and safety reasons (to avoid cross-contamination).  You can bring your own water in a plastic water bottle.  No food to be consumed in the studio.

What to Wear

  • Tight-fitting fitness or leisure clothing that aids movement and observation of spine and joint alignment.
  • If wearing shorts, men are advised to wear tight-fitting running shorts or cycling shorts.
  • Pilates’ or Yoga socks for hygiene, health and safety reasons.  You may wear ordinary socks for introduction lessons.
  • Hair should be tied back to aid observation of head and neck alignment and for safety reasons when using the reformer.
  • No jewellery or minimal jewellery for safety reasons.  No necklaces, bracelets, anklets or long earrings should be worn.
  • Layer clothing in winter months and remove layers if necessary.  Ensure you have adequate warm clothing to put on afterwards for going home. 

You may wish to bring:-

  • A small, thin towel to place on top of the pillows we provide.
  • Reading glasses if you need them to complete the health questionnaire at the introduction lesson, and to read your exercise record card for reformer lessons.
  • Water in a sport's bottle.
  • Something warm to wear for an introduction lesson as you will spend some time sitting still.

Unsuitable clothing

  • Baggy clothing and fleeces impede observation of spine and joint alignment.
  • Jeans  and belts restrict movement.
  • Any clothing with metal adornments or belts cause damage to the upholstered reformers and raised beds.



If you are interested in attending any of our lessons ...

  • If you have any concerns about starting Pilates, or any other form of fitness activity for that matter, you should consult your doctor, medical practitioner, or midwife if pregnant.  They will advise you whether Pilates' exercise is appropriate for you or not.


  • You will be required to attend a reformer introduction lesson if you wish to attend any of our combo lessons.  These lessons are held monthly on Saturdays at 2pm subject to demand.  Please contact us if you would like to book a place in one of these lessons.  We will want to know which group lesson you would like to attend once you become a studio member so that we can check if there is lesson space.  If there isn't, we will place your name on a waiting list and contact you as soon as there is.  At that point, you will need to book a reformer introduction lesson.  We do not accommodate anyone who turns up to an introduction lesson on the day without having booked a place.  Future dates and further details can be found by downloading the information from this page or you can contact us and we will send you a copy.


  • You should contact us if you would like to attend the rehabilitation mat lesson on a Friday at 10.45am.  There is no need to attend an introduction lesson unless a health condition imposes severe limitations on your mobility, in which case we will ask you to attend an initial assessment.


  • We ask you to read our exercise guidelines and terms and conditions.  Both can be downloaded from this page or you can contact us and we will send you a copy.

Contact Us (click this link for full venue details including google map)

0121 354 9023 or email us at

  • If you phone us and there is no answer, please leave a message, your contact details, and the best time to contact you.  We will call you back as soon as we can.


Client Feedback

"I had muscle spasm in the right side of my groin that started in October 2009.  I have been attending group mat work classes since September 2011.  The muscle spasm slowly started going after the months and totally stopped around May 2012.   I do believe that the Pilates' exercises are the reason the pain has finally gone (September 2012)."  (SE)

"Amazing value; good fun; informative and made a difference to my mat work group sessions straightaway.  Would fully recommend other people to have a technqiue review." (CB)

"A good, controlled work out giving me a deep feeling of relaxation and satisfaction in a professional surrounding." (YH)

"Many thanks for reminding me just what an amazing piece of kit the reformer is; it helps to understand how I could do my weekly mat exercises better." (MH)