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Private Lessons

"Make a close study of each exercise and do not attempt any other exercise until you first have mastered the current one and know its routine down to the last detail without any reference to the text."

Joseph Pilates

"Return to Life Through Contrology" 1945 by Joseph Pilates & William J Miller"

We provide the following lessons

  • Mat Lessn £45
  • Reformer Lesson £45
  • Technique & Movement Review £50
  • Posture Improvement £55

All lessons are 60 minutes in duration except the Posture Improvement which may take a little longer, but no longer than 90 minutes.

You must be a member to use the studio so private lessons are for members only.  Members may use one token to reduce the cost of a lesson (value £10). 


Mat or Reformer Lesson

Just a normal lesson but in a 1:1 environment instead of the usual group environment.

No home practice or lesson feedback is provided after the lesson.


Technique & Movement Review £50

Ideal for improving technique and movement quality and identifying issues that may be hindering progress.  Come to the lesson knowing what aspects you want to review (for instance, posture issues, aid understanding and/or awareness, learn a specific movement, and improve movement quality).  You will receive a home practice booklet and lesson feedback after the session. 


Posture Improvement £50

This includes a formal posture assessment to identify posture issues.  

To aid the assessment, it is essential that you wear appropriate attire, tight-fitting clothing, shorts, or leggings that can be rolled above the knees, a vest is better than a ‘T’-shirt, and hair tied up so that ears and neck are visible.  You will receive a home practice booklet to address issues identified at the lesson, and lesson feedback which will include a summary of posture. 


Please note:

Members book via their account on our website.

Separate terms and conditions apply and are available at the studio.  





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